Alex Eagle

Determine who the customers are and Target them


Determine who the customers are and target them

This step aims to identify the customers who are most likely to accept and purchase your products. They will form the nucleus from which we will start to expand in the market. They will also help accelerate our marketing efforts. Here we advise you to divide these customers into different categories.

A class that includes end customers (that is, individuals who use the product to satisfy their personal needs)

A class that includes Merchants

A class that includes suppliers, and so on

    • End customers62%
    • Merchants80%
    • Suppliers70%

    The next stage is to prepare lists of your potential customers and arrange them according to their purchasing importance. For example, if we are marketing an intermediate product that is involved in the production of another product, there is no doubt that we must target production and purchasing managers in industrial companies. We also have to identify the so-called opinion leaders or role models that influence individuals when making their purchasing decisions and target them with your product in order to reach the largest number of potential customers.

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