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Targeted audience Analysis


Targeted audience analysis

Conducting remote or virtual interviews using visual communication means will allow you to read the client's body language while answering these questions and will give him more room to express his opinions and aspirations than chatting all we have to do before that is:

Prepare questions

Let the questions directed to your customers be more detailed and specific to avoid getting answers such as “yes or no”, but rather more accurate answers that contain new points of view, justifications, and ideas

Select a sample of clients

Especially those who are more commercially loyal because they are more knowledgeable and aware of the company's products and services, then summarize and classify the answers after customers have answered them and arranged them, and finally extract general ideas and develop a plan of action based on the Results of those personal meetings after analyzing them.

Focus group method

Similar to the method of conducting interviews with one difference is choosing the most experienced customers in the field of the company’s activity, such as if your company is specialized in the production of sweetening sugar, so specific samples consisting of (sweet factories, office staff, nutritionists … etc.) are selected because these are related to the sweetening sugar product that must be Its production takes into account the health aspect represented by the percentage of fine impurities, the practical aspect represented by the experience of candy factories, and the health aspect represented by nutritionists.

Opinion Poll

It is often electronic. Opinion polls are conducted through websites or social media pages such as Facebook or Instagram, or through e-mail lists. In the past, they were conducted through newspapers, magazines, and field statistical teams. You can seek help from us, as we have a highly experienced team to conduct operations such as personal interviews or questionnaires And others, and this may be a good option in the event that you do not have enough time or experience

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